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Bringing hope

Every child has the right to a loving home, an education, good health and safety. One Heart works to holistically tackle the root causes of poverty that deny children these rights. We are creating systemic change that breaks the poverty cycle so that children in communities that once had no hope, now have the opportunity to shape their own bright futures.

The One Heart Model


The One Heart model is a holistic and multi-faceted approach, connecting in to a wider global framework set out by the United Nations (UNSGDs) and UNICEF. Our focus is to give a true hand up, not just a hand out, with love at the centre of all we do.


It starts with providing life’s absolute fundamentals - shelter, safety, nutrition and sanitation. Our homes provide a warm and welcoming family atmosphere. Each child has their own bed and shares a room with a small group of children their own age. They have a parent, or parents to love and care for them, who know their names, their stories, their cares and concerns, their hopes and dreams, and who raise them to be young adults who can contribute to the world around them.


Many children at One Heart have experienced significant trauma. We take a 'whole of child' approach - supporting and nurturing the cognitive, physical, behavioural, social and emotional development of each child in our care. We provide three nutritious meals a day, clean water to drink, clean clothing and bathrooms with hygiene products to maintain good health, and access to medical treatment and care.


We provide a quality, well-rounded education spanning traditional academic studies, sport, arts and STEM, as well as core life skills - problem solving, collaboration, self-knowledge and contributing to community. Quality education is provided via a One Heart School, a One Heart Partner School Program or through the One Heart Vocational and Skills Training Centres.


We establish sustainable systems that support individuals, families and communities to thrive. Our schools and social enterprises in-country generate fees and income, food and skills training, removing donor dependence over time. Our operations and built environment consider our environmental footprint as we work to provide the One Heart community with the tools they need to become self-sufficient.