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One Heart Academy

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” By this, we believe Mandela meant education in a wider scope than simply the ability to read, write and gain knowledge. That is critical. However, having the understanding to then apply that knowledge and utilise those skills is true education. That is what One Heart Academy is about.

The School

One Heart Academy currently has one campus, in Turbo Kenya, educating over 200 children, from both the One Heart homes and support programs, and children from the surrounding communities. We are looking forward to opening another school in Tanzania in late 2024/early 2025.

The Teachers

Everyone who remembers their own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the education system - Sidney Hook.

Our 15 teachers play a critical role in the success of One Heart, inspiring the learners to pursue excellence in all they do. One Heart loves employing highly skilled teachers from within the community. The school is also supported by a range of non-teaching staff: cooks, cleaners, security guards, administration staff and matrons for the boarding school.

The Learners

Education and schooling in Kenya is seen as an absolute privilege and something that is highly valued. The country values academic success and structures the system in a way that is designed to encourage a pursuit of excellence. Our One Heart kids are so thankful for the opportunity they’ve been given and work incredibly hard as a way of showing their gratitude.

The Goals

Our goal over the next two years is to become the best school in the area and increase our student numbers to 300 plus in a sustainable way.