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ONE HEART village TANZANIA Masterplan

With 30 acres of land in Kibaha on the eastern fringes of Dar es Salaam, the One Heart village will provide safe family accommodations, a school that can service up to 480 students and a range of community facilities that will benefit the local community.

The Homes

Our family homes are designed around central living spaces that draw us together, along with sleeping areas that provide personal space and dignity to each girl in the family. Equipped with parents quarters, a full kitchen and dining area, the girls learn how to contribute and be part of a larger group of people working together.

The School

The One Heart Academy will have up to 16 classrooms, providing education for children aged between 3 and 14.

The Academy will provide high-quality, rounded education that supports its students finding their best fit and fulfil their potential.

Supplemented with sporting facilities, an adventure playground, a library and vocational skills training centre, the Academy will support not only One Heart students, but those from the local community as well.

Community Centre

We recognise that the success of our programs is amplified when the local community is involved in, supported by and benefits from our work. That’s why we are building a large community mixed use facility as a cornerstone of the village. The centre will function as a dining hall, be a space for community meetings and gatherings and a range of other functions. The centre is designed to accommodate the warmth of the Tanzanian weather, protect against the rain in the wet season and capture the cool breezes that come across the property, providing year round access for the community.


While Tanzania’s female labour force participation rate is one of the highest on the continent, women appear to have benefited less from structural transformations in the economy so far, with a slower transition out of agriculture and into other types of employment relative to men. This is one of the reasons that skills based training, alongside programs like Street Business School, are so important in seeing women and girls break out of the poverty cycle. The skills training centre will provide a range of pathways to meaningful employment for girls and women, who for whatever reason, are not able to attend secondary school, college or university.