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Become part of the one heart family

It is possible to eradicate poverty - with the collective contribution of governments, organisations and communities. But the motivation for change comes from the power of everyday people like you.

By giving just $55 per month you will change the life path of one child forever, lifting them out of poverty and bringing hope for their future.


By supporting One Heart with a one-off or a regular contribution, you will be part of the global solution, bringing hope to children and changing the world to be a better, fairer and more peaceful place.

Ways to Give


Your generous one-off donation of any amount will go directly to the care of One Heart children, helping us to provide clothing, learning resources, sanitary products or health care services.

The Pulse

By joining The Pulse, our community of monthly donors, you will be collectively ensuring that One Heart can, day in, day out, provide the vital foundational needs for the kids in our care, their guardians and families, as well as the salaries for our team on the ground who providing these services. Knowing that these fundamentals are reliably covered by The Pulse community means we can focus on projects and initiatives that embed sustainable growth and self-sufficiency, and together break this cycle of poverty and create life-long generational impact.


We are able to purchase land and deliver key infrastructure projects like our skills training centre, our new Tanzania Academy and our plantations with the help of many international organisations, businesses and individuals.


When you sponsor a child, you are creating life long, generational change. Your sponsorship provides a safe, loving family environment, health care, education and the support structures that will set a child up for a better future.

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Sponsorship Options

For only $55 per month you can change the life of one child by being a co-sponsor. The cost to raise a child at One Heart works out to be $220 per month. As a sponsor, you will have the option to cover a portion of this monthly cost or the full amount.

Points of Connection

Your One Heart Donor Portal is your window into the world of your sponsor child. You can write to them, receive messages from them, see updates on their progress and about their community. The connection you build with your sponsor child is so fulfilling.

The Impact

Your support helps provides a child with all the essentials they need to grow up in safety and with health. It enables them to receive education and opportunities to find meaningful employment. And while that is life-changing for the child, the impact continues for generations as we help to break the poverty cycle.