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2024 Gala Tickets Now Available 2024 Gala Tickets Now Available 2024 Gala Tickets Now Available 2024 Gala Tickets Now Available 2024 Gala Tickets Now Available
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2024 One Heart Gala

Millions of children around the world are deprived of the bare essentials they need to thrive in life. We have a way to change this reality and you can be part of the solution. Join us for an unforgettable evening of celebration; bringing hope to their future. Our gala isn't just an event; it's a movement to unlock the potential of every child. Be inspired and impacted by stories of hope and resilience.

Be part of a night that changes history.

Plaza Ballroom, Melbourne

6:30PM Friday 15 March, 2024

Dean Landy & Hannah Easton

Announced Soon

Formal with a touch of red

Paint the town red

Paying homage to the One Heart brand, the theme of the night is 'paint the town red'. Red is a colour strongly associated with love, joy and a whole lot of heart. Embrace this theme with a simple dash or a large splash of red, and connect with the One Heart mission on this night of nights.

In 2022 we raised over $850,000 enabling us to commence building works on One Heart Tanzania. With your help we can top this in 2024!

Recapture the magic of childhood. Prepare to be transported back to those 'oooh and ahhh' moments with an entertainment program that promises to stir emotions of joy, curiosity, awe and wonder. Join us for a night where the extraordinary becomes the norm, and the wonder of the unknown takes centre stage.
Meet Tarryn Stokes, winner of The Voice Australia 2023. With a powerful, soulful voice, Tarryn’s passion for using music as a force for good, Tarryn has captured hearts with her emotive and soulful performances. Tarryn's music is not just about singing; it's about connecting hearts and inspiring change. With a voice that carries both strength and vulnerability, Tarryn is a beacon of hope. As she takes the stage at the Gala, you’ll embark on a journey that transcends boundaries and touches the soul, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who listen.
Special events
Throughout the night there will be moments of surprise and delight that will stir the senses, inspire and move you. Enjoy games of opportunity and chance, with a range of truly covetable prizes and experiences in our 2024 One Heart Gala Auction.
master of ceremonies
Our legendary MC will be announced soon...

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