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Tanzania Hope Centre

Mama Consoler and her husband Eliya care so much about the plight of abused, orphaned, or abandoned girls that they simply started welcoming them into their own home. They believe that by creating a safe place to call home, they can give these girls who had lost all hope, a new hope. They have sacrificed so much personally, and currently have 67 girls living in their care in a rental property. We are partnering together with Consoler and Eliya to build them a new, permanent home, One Heart Tanzania.

The Project

The new homes for the One Heart family in Tanzania will be built on 30 acres of land in a semi-rural setting in the country of Kibaha. The homes will house up to 30 girls each, with bedrooms, a kitchen, dining & living areas, parents’ quarters and bathrooms all built around a central courtyard that facilitates community and togetherness.

The People

Mama Consoler and her husband Eliya are our lead parents while the facilities and rest of the team for One Heart Tanzania are under construction! Consoler and Eliya have a number of older ‘daughters’ who are now giving back as big sisters to the younger girls and will play an important role in the coming years.

The Goals

While everyone is happy, well fed and educated in their current home, it’s cosy to say the least! The goal is to have the homes fully funded and built by mid-2024. Alongside this, we hope to fund and complete construction of the One Heart Academy, Tanzania, a community centre, and skills training centre at the same time.

The Supporters

The One Heart Tanzania build is being funded by the generous donations of many Australians, and indeed others around the globe. The ongoing care of the girls in the home is supported by our child sponsorship program.

The Progress

In March 2023, Dean Landy (Founder & Director), Hannah Easton (General Manager) and Simon J. Costa (Director) took a small group of girls out to the property to see where their new homes would be built. Each one was excited about the green landscape and the open space their new surroundings would provide.