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Music Program

Music has been shown to have a wide array of mental health benefits. With most of our children suffering trauma of some kind, the One Heart music program allows them to lower stress and anxiety, to feel their feelings in a safe way and to identify language and ways to communicate their feelings. The program provides its members with a sense of belonging, community, and purpose.

The Program

The One Heart music program began in the school with interested students receiving music tuition and attending band practice. As they grew in skill and understanding, the band began accepting invitations to perform at various events including weddings and conferences. The One Heart band became very successful, winning national music competitions and being known in the region for their excellence - not only in music, but in character.

Today, the program is comprised of two parts:

1. In-school music tuition - allowing interested students to take up instrumental lessons, providing them with a creative outlet and important skills.

2. The One Heart Reformed band - made up of One Heart alumni it has its own internal leadership structure. The group are being coached by One Heart board members in areas of business, entrepreneurship, leadership and of course, music! The Band will be an income generating entity, providing its members with a level of employment as they finish their studies.

The People

One Heart’s music program was instituted a number of years ago by the affectionately known, Aunty Jean. With a conviction that music has the ability to heal and build connections and community, Jean worked with One Heart to source and purchase instruments, sheet music and head hunt some of the best music teachers for our students.

Today, the One Heart Reformed Band is made up of kids who have grown up in the One Heart family. They may now be in College and University, but they come back to the village to share their love of music with the next group of eager students, passing on the skills they’ve learnt and demonstrating to the younger children, the power of community.

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