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Street Business School

One of the key factors that influences child poverty is the employment status of the parents. If the parents have little or no education, obtaining meaningful employment is very difficult and the poverty cycle is likely to continue. Street Business School aims to change that, empowering people, particularly women, with entrepreneurial skills that enable them to provide for their family. The SBS program isn’t charity. It’s transformation.

The Program

Street Business School is on a mission to end generational poverty by empowering women as entrepreneurs. As a global leader in entrepreneurship training, the SBS program equips people living in poverty with the knowledge they need to build sustainable businesses — and empowers them to believe in themselves and seize opportunity.

One Heart currently facilitates the SBS program in Uganda, with four cohorts in its first cycle of training.

The Goals

The goal is for One Heart to be running the SBS program in all regions we work in - currently Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania; playing our part in SBS’s overarching goal to unlock the potential of 1 million women through entrepreneurship and leave poverty in the dust.

The People

SBS is facilitated in Uganda by our Social Worker, Violet and two additional coaches, Coach Zahara and Coach Julianna. The three women attended a ‘Train the Trainer’ event in Kampala, Uganda and are passionately pursuing the successful implementation of SBS in the Bugiri region. The success of the program comes down to its people; both the trainers and participants. And we are seeing excellence in both.

The Results

SBS has been operating for nearly two decades and has seen remarkable progress in that time. On average, entrepreneurs more than doubled their income within one year of graduation and over 80% of graduates owned businesses one year from graduation. Two years after graduation, incomes tripled through direct implementation. At the end of the day, the results of SBS isn’t just income generation, it’s life transformation and hope for the future.