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One Heart Apiary

Did you know that one in every three bites of food we eat is reliant on pollinators? Bees support the production of 87 leading crops worldwide and pollinate the majority of the world's wild plants which promotes a healthy ecosystem. Not to mention that honey is incredibly tasty and can be used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial agent.

The Project

The One Heart Apiary is a social enterprise designed to generate an income that supports the operations of One Heart in-country, as well as being a project that adds sustainability to our farming practices and has a positive impact on ecosystems in the region. The Apiary has 100 hives, with the colonies of bees slowly building up. Each hive can generate up to 24kg of honey annually. The Apiary operating at full capacity, at current trading prices (April 2023), can generate over $13,000 annually from honey sales alone.

But the apiary does so much more than that. The bees help pollinate our other crops to help ensure a quality harvest and contribute to creating a healthy overall ecosystem at our farm.


The goal with the Apiary is to create a high-quality product that is sought after by locals, food suppliers and hospitality groups to create a sustainable business that supports the work of One Heart. In the process, we aim to create an ecosystem that supports the environment, having a positive impact on the climate and our world.

The Supporters

As with our One Heart Farms, the Apiary is supported by One Plate, whose vision is to nourish and enrich the lives of children in the greatest need, by empowering the locals to develop sustainable food projects for long-term impact to create self-sufficient communities to help children in the greatest need.